Sunday, February 25, 2018

Kid Eternity #3

“It’s so great that you are letting me do this, Mom,” Cory said as he helped his Mom, Erin, in the kitchen. Cory was mixing together cheese crackers, Chex, and other things into a giant bowl.

“You’ve been asking for Chase and Izzy to spend the night for a long time. I figured that it was time to finally say yes,” Erin said.

A sharp pain went up through Cory’s side. “Ow,” he grabbed at his side.

“Are you okay?” Erin asked.

“Yeah, I think it’s nerves. Although I don’t know why I’d be nervous.”

“Maybe you’re hungry. Have one of these sandwiches or something from the veggie tray,” Erin pointed.

When Chase and Izzy arrived, Cory was in the bathroom. The pain in his side was now a constant throb. He got up off the toilet and pulled up his pants. “Well, didn’t have to poop,” he sighed as washed his hands.

Erin let in Chase and Izzy. Cory came downstairs and greeted his friends. “Hey, Cory,” Izzy smiled at him.

“Hi, Izzy. It’s great to see you,” he hugged his friends.

“We just saw each other yesterday at school. And Facebook Messaged last night and this morning,” Chase said.

“If you’re going to have this attitude all night, Chase, then you can just leave,” Cory said.

“Nah. I see you have nachos over there,” Chase said and walked over to the table of food.

“Well, looks like it’s just you and me tonight, Izzy. What do you want to do?”

“What do you think?” she smiled slyly then pulled a video game out of her bag.

The three of them played video games for the next couple of hours while snacking on the food at the dining room table and in the kitchen. Cory’s pain was nearly non-existent although if he moved just the right way then it would twinge with pain but he kept anything he felt hidden.

After eating a bit more, the three of them began watching a scary movie. They gathered more food, turned down the lights, and dove onto the couch. Izzy sat close to Cory who, acting like it was more comfortable, put his arm around her.

About halfway through the movie, there came a rapping on the window--a metal on glass sound. “What was that?” Izzy asked. “It sounded like something tapping on the window.”

“It’s probably just a branch of the bush out there,” Cory said and pulled Izzy closer to him. His side twinged with pain again and made a sudden sharp breath through his teeth.

“You okay?” Izzy asked him.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

Outside, a man dressed in black walked around the house. The house was mostly dark except for a light on upstairs and the glow of the TV. The dining room window was lower to the ground, easy to just step in. Just a swipe and…

The man threw his hand at the window. The metal fingers shattered the glass. The man lept into the house. “Where is the ringbearer?” he shouted, seeing the three teens now standing in the living room.

Cory jumped over the couch, aiming his ringed fist at the man. “Who are you?” Cory asked, bringing up a shield to block the knives he had as fingers.

“I am Fingerknives,” the man responded. “I was sent by Sepulcher to kill the new ringbearer.”

“Good luck with that,” Cory used the shield to push Fingerknives back out the window. “Call the police,” he shouted back at Izzy and Chase.

Erin came running downstairs. “What’s going on--oh my God, Cory!” she freaked out seeing her son fighting with a man who had knives for fingers.

Cory just tried to contain Fingerknives until the police could come but Fingerknive’s fingers were so sharp that he was able to cut through the ring’s creations. One of the knives came through and scratched Cory on the cheek. He leapt off of Fingerknives to regain his composure. Fingerknives lunged at Cory. Cory quickly moved his ring hand but his side began spasming in pain and he went down to his knees.

“Finally,” Fingerknives said as he held an arm above his head. He quickly brought it down toward Cory’s neck. A football hit Fingerknives on the side of the head, his arm moved and a couple of knives went into Cory’s shoulder blade.

“Chase,” Izzy chided.

“Sorry,” Chase shrugged. “Better his shoulder than his neck and spine.”

“What is going on?” Erin wondered loudly.

“I’ll deal with you three in a minute,” Fingerknives said. He brought down his hand again but this time stopped, a shocked expression on his face.

Cory pulled a knife he had created with the ring out of Fingerknive’s gut. Fingerknives fell to the ground. A couple of police cars were rushing down the street.

“Cory, are you okay?” Erin and Izzy ran to Cory.

“Call an ambulance,” Cory groaned and fell over while clutching his side.

“A burst appendix,” Erin sighed and sat down next to Izzy and Chase. “He’s probably been suffering with the pain all day. He never said anything.”

“I noticed he was moving differently but didn’t think anything of it,” Izzy said. “And I understand that a burst appendix can be dangerous but why aren’t we talking about Cory basically being a superhero?”

“Yeah, when did that happen?” Erin asked.

“And how’d he keep it a secret?”

“He had a little help,” Chase said.

“You knew?” the women said at the same time.

“I was there when it happened,” Chase gave a hint of a smile.

“What?” again in unison.

“Ms. Buchanan? Can I have a word with you?” a doctor came into the waiting room. Erin and the doctor stepped to the side. “I don’t want to alarm you but Cory doesn’t have a heartbeat. He actually doesn’t have any vital signs.”

“What? He’s dead?” she felt weak and teared up.

“I think you should have a talk with your son.”

Just minutes from being operated on, Cory was very pale and sweaty. He was also very weak. “All right, Cory. What’s going on?”

“I’m having my appendix out. Well, what’s left of it,” he groaned.

“You know what I’m talking about. The ring. That Fingerknives guy.”

“I’m the ringbearer now. It’s a long story. Can I please just have my appendix out now?”

“Yes but we’re talking later.”

After the surgery and a little after, Cory was awake and Erin, Chase, and Izzy were in the room with him. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I should’ve told you.”

“Is your lack of vital signs related to whatever this is?” Erin asked.

“Yes. I was chosen as the ringbearer after I died,” Cory explained.

“You…? You’re dead?” Erin couldn’t breathe.

“But I’m feeling much better now,” Cory smiled.

“It’s not funny, Cory,” Izzy said. “You’re dead.”

“But I’m not though. I’m still here. I can still grow up. I still have a future. I needed to be dead so that I can go through the time stream and all that,” Cory tried his best to explain but no one seemed to like it. “I had no choice. I was chosen.”

“That makes it worse,” Erin sighed.

The outer wall of the hospital room exploded. Someone, completely in black, stood on the edge of the building. “I am Kid Eternity and I am going to destroy the false ringbearer!” the being shouted as it glared at Cory.