Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Feeling Inferior Would Actually Explain a Lot

It's said that those with an inferiority complex mask their inferiority with a "superiority complex", basically trying or acting better than everybody else to compensate for being, what they think, inferior. This would fit in well with Veeblefester considering he keeps bags of money around his office so that all his employees can see and just considers himself much, much better than anyone who he works with.

Some therapists believe, though, that superiority and inferiority complexes cannot exist together since someone with a superiority complex legitimately believes they are better than other people. People with inferiority complexes, like Veeblefester here, may show off how they rich or extravagant they are in order to hide their inferiority. People with superiority complex have no need to show off wealth or extravagance because they already believe they are better than others.

Whatever psychobabble you believe, I find it strange that Veeblefester is paying someone just to talk about how great he is. Captive audience, I guess. His employees get to go home at 5, this guy is stuck with him for 50 minutes then it's off to the country club.