Monday, January 30, 2012

He's Also Drunk

How many of you like the TV series Arrested Development? Then you should read part one of my story "Suicidal Tendencies" over at Liberty. I tried to write it in the same documentary style and the same type of humor. "Suicidal Tendencies" is the story of Daniel Judge who is tasked with having to bring his family back together when his grandmother reveals she's going to commit suicide. It may sound kind of dark and depressing but I promise you, it's not.

Like I do with most of my stories, I wrote "Suicidal Tendencies" out by hand in a notebook but for some reason, most of the first chapter went missing so the, if I may say so, really good funeral scene was gone but I had it typed out and saved so I wasn't too worried. But then, the flash drive I used to save my stories went all...stupid erasing everything I had saved on it. I attempted to retype it but just couldn't get the funeral scene the way I wanted it so I put it away and moved onto something else. But then, I began going through some of my other drives and disks and, on a mini SanDisk I used for a phone I stopped using about four years ago, I found a saved copy of "Suicidal Tendencies."

I originally didn't want to post "Suicidal Tendencies" this soon, I wanted to promote it before publishing it but my lack of writing caused things to change for Liberty #31 and 32. So go check it out. I hope you like it.

To be fair, Brutus stopped working years ago so Veeblefester really shouldn't be surprised.