Tuesday, January 10, 2012

He's a Loser Because He Chooses To Be

The last couple nights I've been having these weird dreams featuring what I am just going to call Ink Children. In these dreams, these Children are really just shadows of children. Shadows that have taken over the city and are hunting down and killing people. It's not really a scary dream as I am protected from the Ink Children by my own child who is apparently an Ink Child but also still human so he still has feelings and emotions but with the powers of an Ink Child--which mainly include enough strength to rip someone's head from their body.

I'm just wondering why there are so many people trying to kill me in my dreams....

 Now Brutus doesn't have the perfect life but he does have a good one. He has a good job that pays well and, most importantly, a loving wife and son. Brutus has a good life. He has a good life.

Well, running a tea cozy empire is stressful especially considering how useless tea cozies are and how they last a long time thus making buying a new one something that only happens every once in a while.