Monday, January 02, 2012

Yeah...The Bright Side...

It's our first post of the new year and this year is going to be the best year for Tauy Creek. Watch This Space is going to get back to basics, Liberty is going to continue to bring you the monthly series along with special writings and our newest blog, The Corner of 16th & Massachusetts, is dedicated to bring you the best in Douglas County, Kansas history. Don't forget that Tauy Creek has a Facebook and that you can follow me on Twitter if you want.

2012. To the best year ever.

Oh, and please tell your friends about all our blogs.

It amazes me how blatant everyone is getting when discussing Santa Claus. I guess this could be constrewed as if kids are reading this they're just like "Yeah, that's true!" but adults reading this are just like "Why I oughta!"

Also, easy way to cut back on Christmas debt? Don't spend much money and don't use credit cards. Your family should understand if you want to cut back on buying gifts. And if they don't understand then clearly they're only in your family for the money and geegaws.