Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not-So Mister Teriffic

DC Comics has announced six new titles for the second wave of the New 52. New titles include Batman Incorporated, Earth 2, Dial H, Worlds' Finest, G.I. Combat and The Ravagers. But with these six titles comes the cancellation of six original New 52s. Men of War, Mister Terrific, OMAC, Static Shock, Hawk and Dove and Blackhawks will be coming to an end.

The only one of those titles I read is Mister Terrific because I like the character and it had a Justice Society connection that wasn't even mentioned during at least the first five issues. But what got me about Mister Terrific was that, unlike most of the other New 52 series, you never heard anything about Mister Terrific. In fact, with the exception of Men of War, OMAC and reading about Rob Liefeld's terrible art in Hawk and Dove, none of the titles being canceled made the rounds at the many comic blogs out there. I don't recall reading anything about Mister Terrific except someone complaining about how Power Girl was reduced to being Mister Terrific's girlfriend. I also saw something about how the backgrounds were being done by computers instead of an actual artist starting with issue #3, which is about the time most of the other titles ran into artistic troubles.

So how would I have handled Mister Terrific? Mister Terrific is the third-smartest man in the world and really, really rich making him essentially Batman without all the darkness. I would have explored how Mister Terrific is different from Batman and, if allowed, explored his possibly having a bigger role in the new universe and that may still happen as Earth 2 is supposed to feature the Justice Society, which Mister Terrific was once a member of, and Worlds' Finest features Huntress and Power Girl trying to get back to Earth 2 so Mister Terrific may play a big role in these titles as well.

Mister Terrific and the others will end with issue #8 in April.

"You're eating a salad for lunch? How could you do something like that? I mean, I just can't comprehend how you can be doing this! Are we in the Bizarro World or something. A salad?!"