Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sundays at the DCR

There's no post over at The DCR this week. There may not be a post over at the DCR for quite some time. In case you haven't read, Jim Davis (or Paws, Inc.) ordered Photobucket to remove a few Garfield strips. I am assuming the Paws, Inc. Image Robot noticed those strips, sent a message to Photobucket who then saw all of the other comic strips on there and just decided to cancel the account. Even if Photobucket were to reinstate the account, all the comics posted from the last four years are gone. We're currently working on a solution and hopefully will be able to come back and be better than before. But, as promised, here is one last comics review.

The Knight Life
Knight Life 04-24-11
Amen. I get so tired of people complaining about the post office and the high price of stamps. What else can you buy for $0.44?

B.C. 04-24-11
Much like Jesus, Johnny Hart has risen from the dead to do an Easter strip of his popular comic strip.

Girls & Sports
Girls & Sports 04-24-11
Hmm. So how come he can't just answer the phone or take it out and look at how's calling and press ignore? Because he's an idiot in a strip created by idiots? Oh, okay.

Maybe Daddy's Home will ease the suffering...
Daddy's Home 04-24-11
Sweet Holy Hell!

The Born Loser
Born Loser 04-24-11
Hah! Gladys is fat and fat people can't control their eating. It's funny because it's a stereotype.

Have a great Sunday everybody. Hopefully the DCR will be back soon and we can get back to making fun of bad comics and bringing attention to good comics.