Monday, April 11, 2011

A List That Makes Me Sad

What annoys me is how the GOP are all up in a tizzy about Planned Parenthood and not giving the rich the tax breaks they so obviously deserve and getting rid of those overpaid teacher with their 1996 Toyota Tercels that they seemed to have stopped caring about the still languishing economic crisis. Jobs are still slim pickens, people are still being laid off, gas and groceries are getting a tad expensive.

Just for kicks, let's see what my own state's government has done to help job growth in Kansas.
  • Late-term abortion restrictions
  • Ordering an audit of the Kansas Bioscience Authority because a representative doesn't like the guy in charge
  • Planning "marriage initiatives" to keep people from filing for divorce
  • Loosening regulations on AT&T
  • Approved a budget that slashes the budget of education to the lowest level in a decade
  • Approving a bill requiring to show an ID in order to vote
  • Abolishing the Kansas Arts Commission, which was eventually overturned. Had it been shut down, Kansas would've been the only state without an arts commission.
  • Approving a bill raising speed limits and making it OK for motorcyclists to run red lights
  • Approving unannounced and surprise state investigations for abortion clinics
  • Wanting to introduce "faith-based solutions" into the state-run program of SRS
  • Repealing a law that says undocumented immigrants can pay in-state tuition
I still don't see how any of this creates jobs.