Friday, April 29, 2011

#230: A Good-Bye, Of Sorts

Like many people, I check Facebook several times a day. Nothing rarely changes but I still do it. There are only 7 out of 76 people I am friends with who I legitimately care knowing about the little intricacies of their life and one of those people I live with and most do not go on Facebook very often. But I continue to check it--see people's stupid Status Shuffle updates, see pictures of them doing stuff I either don't care about or things I'm jealous of. Relationship problems have seem to vanish which is good (except from this one girl but she's a 15-year-old trapped in a 30-year-old's body) and basically I'm noticing a huge drop in posts which may be because I am home all day to see them come in but more than likely other people are bored too. So I am going to try to not go to Facebook for at least the month of May. I know it sounds impossible but I am going to try. I'll keep you informed on how I do.

 I know when I posted POB #229, I figured that would be the last entry but then there's this one. It's been a struggle to figure out what to write for POB and since I have so many other things to be writing and just doing in general, POB is going on hiatus for a month or so. Hopefully, during that time I can finish up on everything I am writing and maybe get a backlog of POBs written and ready to be posted.

Currently what I am working on a as-yet-untitled short story about ghosts living in a cemetery but I am also working on expanding Seven to be a novel. I always felt drawn to the story of Seven--who I created way back in 1997. Even back then, the story was about a journey. I've always been fascinated with just getting up and going somewhere even if there is no destination in place. When I was younger I loved just getting out and going somewhere and while I can be extremely lazy, I still like to get out and do something--go somewhere. My friend and I were supposed to go to Rossville a few weeks ago because there was a time where I talked about Rossville all the time. He'd never been so I agreed but figured that since there really is nothing in Rossville that we would also explore the former Uniontown site. We have yet to go because our schedules don't line up or because he slept until noon.

I'm hoping with the return of POB to not only do the boring journalesque ramblings I've done since 2006 but also to do some history, some reviews and just random stuff so that posting this doesn't become a chore like it has been the last six months. So POB will be back probably in late June or early July so until then just enjoy the other stuff Watch This Space has to offer.

Until next time, I remain...