Saturday, August 22, 2009

POtW: Reading Bank and Post Office

While out, I came upon the town of Reading, Kansas in Lyon County. Something caught my eye as I entered the town and had to find their downtown area to verify it.
Reading Bank and Post Office
Their bank is called the Tightwad Bank. Apparently in March of 2008 Reading State Bank purchased a branch from UMB Financial in the small unincorporated town of Tightwad, Missouri. Legend has it, Tightwad was named after an incident involving a postman, a grocer and a disputed watermelon. Reading State Bank changed the name of their bank after 108 years as Reading State. According to the people at the bank, while it took a while for Reading citizens to warm up to the name, the bank is still going strong--possibly stronger than before.

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Dustin Hall said...

That a bank with two branches in two small towns has a website is pretty amazing.

La Belle Esplanade said...

I enjoy the Born Loser parts of your blog. I don't read the short story parts (sorry). I like what you are doing with the Stull Chronicles, which I also find interesting. These Photos of the Week though are my favorites. I look forward to the weekend.