Thursday, August 13, 2009

Disappointed American

I am disappointed in the American people. Even during the worst periods of the last eight years, I was never disappointed in them. I'm glad that these people are practicing their First Amendment right but it's uneducated and ignorant. They listen to Fox News and not much else or they don't listen at all and immediately start complaining. They don't want our health system to be fixed--which is stupid because we don't have a health system. They don't want government run health care but they want their Medicare. They can shout and yell at Senators and other people all they want but we try to calm them down and get them to understand and they call us names--bleeding heart liberals--and invoke the name Jesus Christ.

Please, someone remind me, did liberals act like a bunch of monkeys when Bush won? I remember a brief protest in the weeks after the election and shortly after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Bush (who won the electoral, not the popular) but aside from that, nothing. Maybe it's because 9/11 happened nine months after that, I don't know. Did Republicans act this way when Clinton got elected? I was too young to really notice or care. Is it because we have gotten more religious in our politics? Our Founding Fathers built this country on the notion of the separation of church and state. Yes, they used religion and their moral ethics to run this country but they were not as zealous about it. They were able to not cross over the line. What really upsets me is that "liberals" had to deal with eight years of Bush and did a decent job of it, not getting overly crazy, making good points and wanting something better for our country. "Conservatives" have had to deal with Obama for seven months and are going crazy, making ignorant points and only wanting something better for themselves. McCain lost--GET OVER IT!

What's so wrong about offering health care to everyone? I don't have insurance so if I get sick or have to have my appendix out, I lose everything. Is that fair? Should I suffer just because I don't have a job that offers insurance or because I can't afford insurance on my own? I understand the debt problem that this country is in right now but we have still paid more into an ongoing war in Iraq and Afghanistan then anything else. Interesting note, the Vietnam War was America's longest war (1959-1972) and the Revolutionary War (1775-1783) lasted eight years. Notice which one was necessary but which one lasted the longest.

We are the only country that spews the words "We are the greatest country" around and it isn't true. There are countries better than us. We bully and force other countries to follow us and if they don't, we call them names. And when we do get countries to stand beside us, we always--ALWAYS--wind up screwing it up. We act like we are a den mother to a group of sorority girls and then turn into one of those girls when something doesn't go our way. We deride them, we make of them and we say by not joining us, they are aiding terrorism. Why are we the greatest country? Our Bill of Rights? Okay, although that guy telling me to shut up at that town hall just because I didn't agree with him infringed on my freedom of speech. The only area where the United States is number one is military. We have the best military in the world. I admit it. And...?

Obama is neither Christ nor Satan and this country needs to quit being...stupid. There I said it, every time a town hall meeting is viewed on YouTube in another part of the world, it makes us look stupid. People will believe that everyone in America acts like that and it's insulting to everyone. You're not doing anything to help, you are just scaring the Senators and the American people.

There are not going to be death panels, you don't have to take the insurance if you don't want it and, in the long run, this will be a good thing--just like war.