Saturday, May 24, 2008

Get Off My Lawn!

I checkd out to see if you could view the Mad Fold-In online and what a surprise, you can't. For recent issues, they only choose certain pages to showcase and you have to admit the Fold-In would be kind of a difficult page to show online. Plus, I can do the Fold-In without folding the magazine so there.

This editorial cartoon is done by the guy that does The Knight Life and although I don't remember the '80s very much, I chuckled at the drawing of Indiana Jones who is screaming at kid to stay off his lawn. Hopefully the movie consists of more than that. Especially since Shia LeBeouf is in it.

Oh, Lord. Look at that chair. How come the chair has to have a design on it? I also hate the strips with Wilberfoce sitting on Brutus' lap. That's also disturbing.