Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Centennial Edition

Happy 100th Post to me. I figured I'd reach post number 100 a lot sooner than the early half of May but maybe I calculated wrong (plus skipping a few days doesn't help) but here we are. Number 100 of what I hope will be thousands.

In today's strip we learn that Hattie plays for the Weasels. The Weasels. That's not really a mascot as it is a nuisance. Putting aside the fact that Hattie should've been there from the start because it's mandated or you get in trouble does the coach really think Hattie would help? It's the ninth inning and no one has scored! The game is going to end in a tie Weasel Coach. But you should've expected it since you are in the comic strip The Born Loser.