Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yay, Basketball Metaphor

I'm from Lawrence, Kansas so the Kansas Jayhawks are my team but I'm not a sports player so I did not get the joke in today's strip (and I do know it's now Tuesday. I'm a little late.) so I had to look it up because I had no idea what the NIT was.

Apparently, The National Invitation Tournament (NIT) is a men's college basketball tournament operated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The association plays two tournaments each season. The first is played in November and is known with its sponsorship as the Dick's Sporting Goods NIT Season Tip-Off (formerly the Preseason NIT), and was founded in 1985. The second is a post-season tournament played in March and April. In both cases, its final rounds are played at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and the post-season event (called the MasterCard NIT as per sponsorship) was founded in 1938. In both common and official usage, "NIT" or "National Invitation Tournament" refers to the post-season tournament unless otherwise qualified. Both the pre- and post-season tournaments were operated by the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Basketball Association (MIBA) up until 2005, when they were purchased by the NCAA.

Thanks, Wikipedia. Anyway, would businessmen really talk like this? How many people actually walk up to their boss and ask how important they are to the company? That seems very daring/stupid to me.