Friday, March 14, 2008

Three Days

I finally got part one of Born Loser X written. Only three more! Anyway, I've decided to get caught up on the days that I have missed because I love you all so much.

In Wednesday's strip we see Gladys owns a God-awful looking shirt just like Brutus does. And just how does that apron think it's going to stop messes from appearing on Gladys' pants? And her look in panel three is just outright devious.

Thursday's strip finally shows us Mother Gargle who hasn't made an appearance since I started this blog. It's about time because I've always loved her hair. How does she get it to stand up like that? Twirl it around a fork and pull up? And that's Brutus' future right in front of him so maybe they should be looking into divorce.

And for Today's strip we see what Gladys might have looked like back in her heyday and it's still not pretty. Although this comic makes me laugh for another reason:
"What's the soup of the day?"
"Eh, what's the soup of the day, mum?"
"And the soup of the day is bread."