Sunday, March 16, 2008

Brutus Is Old, We Get It

I have a problem with a couple of other strips today. In today's Hagar the Horrible we see a good portion of Hagar's life when he's not raping and pillaging. Now I would note that "Hagar the Henpecked" wouldn't be as exciting as "Hagar the Horrible" but when was the last time Hagar the Horrible was exciting?

The other strip is today's For Better or For Worse which now uses Sunday's strip to back in time to the 1970s. I'm assuming the Pattersons don't hit but yell constantly at each other thus I think damaging their children more. This strip also shows just how neglected and screwed-up Elizabeth will become. This strip would be funnier is April had been born and Elizabeth slammed her down onto the hard floor.

In today's Born Loser strip I am very scared of Wilberforce's face in the first panel. Someone has to remind Chip that these are not characters that should be drawn face front. Also, I think Chip should have Brutus shave his mustache because it's kind of pointless. It's so small you can barely see it and does really nothing to distinquish the character.

Next week is Spring Break for a lot of people (and I am one of them) so I'll try to find something cool for you throughout the week along with the daily comics so I hope all of you who get the week off enjoy the time off.