Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Being Skinny Doesn't Make You Prettier

This Off the Mark struck me as funny. First because the Father Cat is trying to get rid of his own children and second, because of the way the kittens are being obnoxious. I like the one rolling around on Father Cat's stomach and just what the hell is that one in the left corner doing?

Today's strip teeters awfully close to talking about the weather in my world. And what does she mean there's no more holidays? What about April Fool's Day? Passover? Earth Day? Bataan Day? Oh wait, she wants legitimate holidays. Days actually used for some kind of celebration or memorial.

Editor's Note: Now that's just mean. Passover and, to a lesser extent, Bataan Day are very important to the people who celebrate them. And wasn't April Fool's Day a legitimate holiday at one point? I'm too lazy to look.)