Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Not One of Us

I'm doing this early because I have drinking plans tonight. I'm not a fan of Republicans at all but for some reason John McCain scares the bejeezus out of me. I, too, also think McCain is too old to be president. I find it odd that back in 1996 Bob Dole's age was a main concern but you barely hear about that with McCain. Honestly, look at McCain and determine if he would survive the four years in office. Hell, Cheney barely survived and he's Vice-President.

I vote for the person who pisses me off the least during the campaign. So far all McCain has done is scare me. His Nixon-like jowls do not look presidential. I guess we'll see which way I swing in November but in all honesty I was rooting for Ron Paul because, even though he was Republican, his policies almost mirror mine exactly. Oh, well. Not everyone can be president. Now if only Ralph Nader can get that through his head.

In today's strip we get a glimpse of a couple of Brutus' coworkers. Do people actually walk up to people and ask to be included in the conversation? I thought you just overheard then joined in if the topic was something you could bring experience or knowledge to. Why does Brutus ask? That just leads to people rejecting you. Come on, Brutus. Grow a pair and just force yourself into the conversation.