Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Number 2

October 1, 1965
You may know "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life" (not to be confused with the Roald Dahl collection of stories titled the same thing) by its opening lines. Check out this beatitude memory pop:

This is from the 1935 film version of Naughty Marietta, based on the 1910 operetta of the same name. Marietta is deemed "naughty" because she refuses to get married.

Okay, so if this makeshift raft can hold two people and tuba then that door could've held Rose and Jack.

Of course you didn't get the job, Brutus. You weren't qualified. Why would you get a job that you weren't qualified for? Wait. That happens all the time. My mistake, I'll leave you alone.

At least Brutus got a participation ribbon. I barely get an email sometimes.