Sunday, May 19, 2024

Party People

December 24, 1989
There is one version of The Twelve Days of Christmas where it's a June apple tree and not a pear tree. It's likely due to a mishearing of "partridge in a pear tree" and hearing "part of a juniper / June apple tree". Anyway, it's pretty impressive that there is still an apple on that tree in December.

I'm sure those dots are indicating that the bird is dumb, but I like to imagine that he's drunk. The little guy needed some Christmas spirit before listening to this song for the 47th time this season.

Brutus doesn't seem to remember that they are having a party. Couldn't the joke be "Yes, that's the idea. I don't people who come over to notice I haven't dusted!"? Adding a party to this comic is an unnecessary detail.

Who would come to this party? Arnie and his wife. Maybe that blond guy from work and whatever poor young girl he's currently dating. Maybe--MAYBE--Hurricane Hattie's parents. Sounds boring, and we're not even guaranteed a scene like this from Brutus.

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