Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Inner Dialogue

Fluppy Dogs was originally going to be the third animated series in what would become the famed The Disney Afternoon, but after a lackluster premiere--it first premiered on Thanksgiving 1986--Disney instead turned to focus on something called DuckTales.

September 24, 1965
Was he stationed at Fort Wadsworth? This guy's story is even more boring that you're imagining because if you read Fort Wadsworth's Wikipedia article, the World War II section is the shortest of the war sections. Even Fort Wadsworth dorks who would be keeping up with that article are all "1941-1945 was soooooo boring at Fort Wadsworth."

I feel this comic is directed entirely at me for commenting on the many, many, many times that Brutus (and other characters) talk to themselves. Well, this puts me in my place. I will never comment on the characters talking to themselves again.

Honestly, had I known talking to themselves was going to be a massive trope in this comic, I would've created a label for it.