Saturday, October 14, 2023

People Love Their Junk Mail

Harry Anderson, I don't think I have to explain who he is at this point, would've been 71 this year. I didn't plan a big post like some years past. You can read about his book here, his first hosting appearance on Saturday Night Live here, or his guest appearance on some awful Canadian kid's show named Noddy here. This year, just some fond memories and a dollar bill/cigarette trick from a 1981 appearance on SNL.

November 18, 1976
Agnes' last name is 'Dooley'. That tracks.

Does Agnes wear better clothes, get her hair out of her hair, and put out her cigar when soliciting her services door-to-door?

I was going to comment about how that seems like a lot of mail just thrown away and then I realized that we probably throw that much away without doing anything with it every week. Comic strip characters--they're written by people who are just like us!

"Boy, there are a lot of credit card offers in here. They know we have no money, right? Or is that what they're going for?"