Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Chili and Plants

I had jury duty all day yesterday so I just decided to stay offline. I should do that more often. We all should. We all should just log off and never return. Onto today's post, I guess.

October 19, 1976
BRUTUS' MOM!!??!! Or is this Brutus in women's clothing trying to do some kind of Mrs. Doubtfire thing? Wilberforce has clearly never met this woman before or was very young when they did meet. Where have you been for roughly 7 years? You owe him 7 years of birthday, Christmas, Valentine, and Veteran's Day presents.

If the chili is spicy enough to rocket your body into the air, he should really have a second pair of pants. I'm a little disappointed that this is a fart joke. What is this? Marvin?

That belt doesn't look long enough to strap yourself in.

Why is that plant there? Is it so we don't think they are just arguing in a void? Are we to assume she's going to throw that plant at Brutus? When the pot inevitably shatters, Brutus needs to jam one of the sharp pieces into her windpipe.