Thursday, October 05, 2023

He's Talking Across the Street To the Guy Standing At the Bus Stop Going the Other Way

September 28, 1976
Is Hattie a "lovely child", Reverend? You do know Hattie, right? I've seen you talk to her.

Anyway, she's not property, Reverend. Her father doesn't own her and neither will whoever she falls in love with. Does it look like you can possess Hurricane Hattie? No, you hold on tight and hope she doesn't throw you to the wolves.

For whatever reason, I did not post about this comic back in 2018, but yet I posted about all the other. I don't know what happened.

Brutus and I are very much alike because I usually have existential crises when using a mode of transportation, too.

I have still been posting the reruns on my social media. Regular updates here (and on Post) will return whenever original strips resume.