Friday, June 09, 2023

Friday Catch-Up

June 3, 1974
Wait until Brutus makes it to 2023 and he ends up paying $3 a gallon for gas. Oh, 1974 Brutus, there are so many things to warn you about, but sadly, I cannot.

In 1973, Brutus appeared in some Energy Wise ads that were in newspapers. I posted a few up on my Twitter but I found a couple more during my research.

Speaking of cars! How can his car be ready? Isn't that it on the lift behind them? It needs tires.

Is this a thing that could happen? You take your car in June 4, they have to order a part which won't get there until June 6 and on June 5 your warranty expires? I feel it would still be in effect though I could see how some places might argue. I mean, this guy looks like a jerk.

Um, wow. Brutus is enjoying hearing about how Uncle Ted banged his way through the many lovely ladies of the Great Lakes Region. And what's to know if Uncle Ted still gets any.

I don't know what this "have a second cup of coffee" euphemism is, but I don't like it.

I'm around children all the time and I find Brutus' statement debatable. Brutus should be glad Veeblefester didn't just set Brutus on fire.

I was gonna say! Mother Gargle is definitely not 50, and she needs to consider raising her age because it sounds weird saying you're 50 when your daughter is clearly at least 40.

I agree with Brutus. There are far too many "celebrities" and too many ways to see them on TV for really no good reason. Follow me on Twitter for more hot celebrity takes.