Friday, June 25, 2021

Wacky Isn't a Word I'd Use for Hurricane Hattie But Whatever

Panel 1. Brutus: Ha! That wacky Hurricane Hattie! I asked her what topping she would like to order for our pizza party... Panel 2. Brutus: "And would you believe she said chocolate! Isn't that the craziest idea you ever heard?" Panel 3. Gladys looking up and smiling. Brutus: "Gladys?"
Geez. Just get a dessert pizza or, I feel this is a brilliant idea and would like to try it some time, get a normal pizza but squirt some chocolate syrup on your piece before you eat it. The sweet of the chocolate syrup and savory of the pizza probably blend together real good.

In an effort to be more inclusive, I am going to start adding alt text to the comic strips from today on. Aside from helping with search engines, alternative text allows blind and visually impaired readers to use screen readers to get a description of the image, can help people with sensory processing or learning disabilities, and is displayed if the image doesn't load or the user chooses not to load images.