Sunday, June 20, 2021

No. 8: Robotmen of the Lost Planet, Part 2

ANOTHER FIVE YEARS?! They can develop electricity, weapons, and all this other stuff but are still wearing pelt and fur togas.

Clearly the robots aren't hunting any stray humans because the humans have been basically left alone for the last ten years. I mean, I get these weapons are in response to the massacre that happened ten years ago but it still seems very unprovoked.

They can't make clothes but they can make bedding.

Laurie is still a nightmare-looking young boy, isn't he?

"We work to make life better for our children." Bang-up job. Being massacred and forced to live in a cave for ten years is a much better life than what you had Alan.

Laurie looks different in every single panel.

Laurie's friend is named Johnson? Maybe they just call everyone by their last name but they're kids. It's weird.

Yeah, let the 9-year-old sleep with a ray gun. That probably won't end badly at all.

They definitely should keep downwind because hygiene probably wasn't high up on the list of things humans should accomplish.

oh darn im going to miss him

"I'm sure he left. Here are his footprints in the dirt."

"No, he wouldn't dare, you stupid woman. Laurie, where are you?"

"His footprints are leading outside..."

*pats Nara's head* "Women should be seen and not heard."

They've gone ten years without being attacked or hunted by robots. If there are suddenly robots making their way to the human's cave then I am going to scream.


So the "toy" ray gun actually works and they were going to let their child sleep with it. Good thing he faked sleep and ran off!

I was worried that the humans defeating the robots would be easy as pie and that there would be no drama. And it looks like I was right.

The humans were defeated by robots because robots were strong and humans were weak. Now, the robots will be defeated by humans because humans are strong and robots are weak. IT'S A SWITCHEROO!!

I still don't understand why the robots would make themselves more humans in order to feel pain. Seems like a very bad idea.

"Bring me back some robots, Dad!"
"I am not dragging one of those things all the way back here."

"The robots hate pain!"
Yes, as does everyone.

Did Alan chop that robot in half?

So the humans defeated all those robots within a day? And then just casually walk up to where the AA-Plus robot is.

Hey, it's the robot's Emperor Johns! He just has a slightly larger head?

Alan has a taste for killing now! What's to stop him from doing to his fellow humans what he's doing to these robots?!

They didn't even defeat the robots. They just took out the master robot and they all don't know what to do and run away? I expect better from the robots.

What? It's only three parts? And they basically do what the robots did to them? Is there a sequel where the robots rise back up in ten years? This ending isn't really an ending.

I feel empty inside.

Jim Torlo. The devious, evil guy planning murder is named...Jim.

What is the discovery? Is there a reason you aren't mentioning what your discovery does?

I think she's engaged to Jim Torlo.

I also think Jim does want Professor Ackley's money.

So Mary is, what? 23? 24? And Jim Torlo is somewhere between 48 and 52? How old was Vincent Price in the 1960s?

So it's some kind of Iron Dome-type thing? Not a potion or a pill? But yet he mentions formula.

Maybe Dr. Forrester here finally drove his test subject insane with the worst movie ever made.

"So you're going to kill me? Ha-ha! That's funny! It makes me laugh!"

"You won't be laughing when I'm through with you! Because you'll be dead and dead people can't laugh."

So the machine...dissolves atoms? Yep, sounds like comic book science all right.

Mary lost her father and fiancée in one night but who cares? Clearly the police don't. And neither should we. Good night, everyone!