Sunday, February 17, 2019

Like Gladys Needs An Excuse to Eat Chocolate

In Captain Marvel Adventures #26 in 1943. He was the mastermind of getting all of Captain Marvel's nemeses together to defeat him in a storyline that began in Captain Marvel Adventures #22 and ended in #46. Mr. Mind would be a thorn in Captain Marvel/Shazam!'s side for every other incarnation. He recently made a reappearance in Shazam! #2 last month. Mr. Mind technically first appeared as a voice but is physically in #26. Can you spot him?

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Coughing is usually suppressed just by having something coat your throat. Chocolate is very good at that. I looked this study up and the study was only conducted on 163 people in Europe but they were given either cough medicine with codeine or a chocolate-based medicine called ROCOCO. People using ROCOCO lost their cough quicker. But I bet the group taking codeine felt really good.