Sunday, November 04, 2018


Hey, welcome back to Losers Are Made, Not Born. I am starting to hate that title more and more as the years go by. I have nothing for you this week except to remind and urge you to go out and vote this Tuesday if you already haven't.

"Didn't you know this is the day we set our clocks back?"

"Why do we do that?"

"Because a bunch of long-dead guys wanted to conserve oil, or be able to harvest in the morning, or some garbage to do with the railroads. It's stupid and mostly pointless these days but we keep doing it because, well, honestly because the government tells us we have to."

I don't understand why Brutus went into a long detailed explanation of Daylight Savings to cover up that he and Gladys had sex. Just tell Wilberforce that you and Gladys were having some alone time and let him go back to eating his Oaty Oh's.

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