Sunday, May 20, 2018

Batting Practice

I. Some Changes
I have made a few changes on social media and on the site. I have decided to put my Instagram on hiatus until further notice. I plan on using Twitter to do more history posts and, of course, the Tauy Creek Facebook Page as well. On the site, both The Point of Beginning and Time Man have come to an end and will be replaced with Tank N Tummy, which is moving over from my now-defunct Patreon, and West Union Road, a 5-issue miniseries. Hopefully you'll enjoy them and you can always let me know what you think in the comments, the contact form, or on social media.

II. The Miller Family and Prairie City
Since about 2000, I have been doing research on a family that lived in the ghost town of Prairie City. Through my own fault and ignorance, my research into them had been sporadic until very recently. I've been so lucky lately to find just the right information and approach the right people to get additional information to help me piece together information. My hope is to write not only an article on the family and their contributions to local and state history but also a book that uses their story alternating with a story taking place in modern day Kansas. Despite the family being just a simple family, their contributions to the area, and to a couple of other states, we very important. The issue I have is that I am racing the clock against students at Washburn University.

Washburn is offering a class next fall that goes into the Millers and Prairie City and their connection to Kansas history and life on the prairie. While I am excited that this class is being conducted (I honestly wish I could be a part of it), I feel like I need to do as much I can over the summer to finish my research and get the article written and book outlined. What needs to be done is a trip to the Baker University archives to get information from their records and repeated trips to the Kansas State Archives to search through almost 100 years of newspapers looking for information. But I also have other things that I am researching but the priority right now, are the Millers. The research and work needed to get this done leads us to our third bit of housekeeping.

III. Support Tauy Creek
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You know, Brutus has given his son the 'born loser' gene--yes, being a loser is apparently genetic, maybe someday we'll see an ad on TV about a pill or injection that can keep it at bay--so it should be kind of uplifting that everybody else is just as terrible as Wilberforce.

Unless, of course, that being a born loser isn't just something in your DNA but also something that radiates. Like radium.