Saturday, May 19, 2018

Double-Up Saturday

Wilberforce: "Father, wouldst thou like some soup?"

Brutus: "What?"

Wilberforce: "I'm making some soup for you, Papa. Please come sit at the table."

Brutus: "What the hell is going on?"

*Brutus sits down at table. Wilberforce brings in soup.*

Wilberforce: "Here you go, Daddy. Your soup. Take caution, it's still hot."

Brutus: "Are you having a stroke?"

*looks down at soup*

Brutus: "Okay, Mr. Smarty-Pants..."

Is it me or is Gladys becoming more of a nag? What's going on in Chip's home life that is causing this? Also, since Brutus is the only one in the house that actually does any work, I don't think Gladys is really in the best position to complain.