Sunday, April 08, 2018

Interesting Color Scheme

One thing I've realized over the last couple of months is that I'm enjoying writing humorous stories more and more. Aside from Tank N Tummy on Patreon, I'm also doing two new series that lean more comedic and I've noticed Divine Life, which debuts later this month, is turning into more of a comedy. Maybe this is just some catharsis I need or something else is at play but there will be some changes to the Story Series on Sundays in the next couple of months.

Last week, as I said, I went to Leavenworth. I went because I was able to go on a short tour of the tunnels that underneath the city. Check out the Tauy Creek Facebook Page for more information and pictures.

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I always assumed that Veeblefester made his first million the same way a lot of other millionaires do: borrowing money from their parents. It's nice to know that Veeblefester made his money, or at least his first million, honestly and in a normal way.

What design was that guy putting on his tea cozies?