Sunday, April 01, 2018

Women Be Shopping--Well, Gladys Be Shopping

I went to Leavenworth yesterday for a...thing. I'll talk about it next week. Leavenworth was founded, if you don't count Fort Leavenworth in 1827, in 1854. Being so close to Missouri and the river, Leavenworth was the first city founded in Kansas in June 12, 1854. For more pictures of my time in Leavenworth head over the Tauy Creek Facebook Page.

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How close are we to Chris and Molly? Are they "new suit" friends? Have they possibly seen me in all my other suits? Is this a big fancy wedding or a simple let's-just-do-it wedding? Will they stay married longer than seven years? These are the questions that we really must figure out before we spend money on two new outfits.

Why doesn't Gladys just get herself a new outfit? Why does she need Brutus to buy a new suit to justify a new outfit for herself?