Sunday, April 15, 2018

Supercomics #12

20 Years Ago…
The Senne family joined together in the abandoned house on Jean’s 12th birthday. Jean, dressed in a robe, laid down on the floor, arms and legs spread out. Candles were placed next to her head, hands, and feet. As soon as the candles were lit, her family began chanting, offering Jean as a sacrifice to their god.

Nervous, Jean closed her eyes and when she opened them, she was somewhere else. A cat-like figure, engulfed in flames appeared in front of her.

“Cattarah,” Jean whispered, half to the figure, half to herself. “Cattarah, I give myself to you.”

Jean wasn’t sure what to expect. The fire cat removed her robe, exposing her naked body. She could feel the flames licking at her skin but they were cool to the touch. She felt the weight of Cattarah on her and then he was inside her.

It was her first time and at first it hurt but soon she was enjoying it and wanting more. She gave herself completely to Cattarah. They made love endlessly among the flames and darkness of Cattarah’s realm--the demon fire cat and little girl.

When they were spent, Cattarah began preparing Jean to receive his seed. She was gifted the ability to control and become fire. She could do whatever Cattarah could do and in twenty years would be able to have his children. Both of them engulfed in flames, they made love again before Cattarah sent Jean back to her plane.

Over the years, the thrill of being Cattarah’s bride wore off. Jean distanced herself from her family and what was her religion. She used her powers for good becoming a hero in secret but monitored by Dmitri.

Cattrah was ready to receive his bride, he appeared in the center of Phillipsburg. The All-American Corps quickly received the alert.

“Some sort of weird fire creature downtown,” Geo-Whiz, who was on monitor duty, said.

“A fire creature?” Jean stood up. “Cattarah.”


“I know who this is,” she breathed.

“How do you know him?” Alix came into the room.

“He gave me my powers,” Jean said. “He’s also kind of my husband or fiancee or whatever.”

Alix and Geo-Whiz looked at her. “Well, you should take control of your man,” Geo-Whiz said.

“We’re not that close,” Jean said. “Come on, Alix.”

Fire and Superkitten landed in front of Cattarah. He noticeably got excited, flames leaping off of him. He reached out to Jean and his eyes grew wide. “My bride…” he rasped. She had never heard him speak--didn’t think he could.

“About this bride thing. I’ve changed my mind,” Fire said. “But it’s not you, it’s me. I stopped hanging out with my family--most of them are dead or in jail anyway, and I changed my religion.”

“You outgrew him,” Superkitten said.

“Yes. Exactly. I outgrew you.”

“You defy me?” Cattarah hissed.

“Just leave. You don’t need me,” Fire said.

“No one defies me,” Cattarah said and suddenly grew to about three time his original size, the flames surrounding his body expanded outward and grew warmer.

“All right. I guess we’ll see how similar my powers are to yours,” Fire said and lifted herself several feet off the ground. Both attacked at the same time. Their flames hit and canceled each other out. “Seems like we’re the same. And the only way to get rid of my powers is to kill me so…”

“I’ve killed many a wife,” Cattarah hissed again. “You’ll be no different.”

“I will be different. I won’t let you kill me,” Fire said and flew toward Cattarah. Fire distracted him with an eagle made of fire while Superkitten lept up and struck him from below.

Cattarah then focused on Superkitten. He grabbed Superkitten with his hands in an attempt to burn her. Fire directed her flames into Cattarah. Her flames tore through the middle of him and he screamed in pain and let go of Superkitten, who was able to leap up again and strike his face again as hard as she could. The punch thundered across Phillipsburg.

“You are nothing without me,” Cattarah said. “I made you what you are.”

“That’s true but you gave me these powers so I could incubate any children we had. I use these powers to help people to be better than the ones who gave me these powers. You took advantage of a 12-year-old girl. Religious ceremony, family get-together, newlyweds consummating their marriage, no matter what you call it, it was rape and it was wrong,” Fire explained.

Cattarah actually paused and shrank back down to his normal size.

“That worked?” Superkitten questioned, confused. “No finally means no?”

“You don’t have to come with me,” Cattarah said, barely above a whisper. “Have my children. You will still be treated like a queen. Few can handle this type of power,” he expanded his flames just a little. “Will you at least bear my children?”

“What if I say no?”

“I can’t make you do anything but you will have a very powerful and dangerous enemy,” Cattarah threatened.

“I don’t think so,” Fire said. “You said few can handle this power. Because I survived receiving the power, you respect me.”

“You have opened a Pandora’s box of horrors,” Cattarah said and then disappeared in a puff of smoke and fire.

“Aww, he loves me,” Fire cooed.

“That was weird,” Superkitten said, raising an eyebrow. “How would having his baby work?”

“Let’s find something to eat and I’ll tell you,” Fire said and the two of them headed toward the stores of downtown.

A shadowy figure crept through the museum. She had cut off the power but only had a few minutes before either the police came by to check or CBX, the team that had been monitoring her, caught up with her. She avoided everything in the museum and went straight to a case that held an artifact called a gold hearthstone. It wasn’t a hearthstone but no one else knew what it was. It was carbon dated as being older than anything else in a museum but this museum was leery about giving it that distinction.

No one knew what it was except a handful of people. The figure carefully cut into the glass covering the hearthstone. As she held the stone and was about to pocket it, something flew across the room and hit her hand causing her to drop it.

“Don’t move,” three figures were approaching her. “Keep your hands where we can see them.”

“Looks like you got me,” she replied. “At least for now.” Her hand shot off and a grappling hook flew up to the ceiling. While the three were distracted, she began shooting at them. She then disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

“At least she didn’t get the soul,” another of the figures said.

“But she’ll be back, Lucy. We’re going to need backup and I think I know where we can get it.