Sunday, January 21, 2018

Supercomics #9

Supercat ripped open the bay doors to Kon’s ship. He walked in, preparing for anything. He figured that Kon was hiding or planning something big. From the shadows, a swarm of pink gremlins came out. The riot monsters, Supercat thought. He’s trying to distract me. These things are just putty come to life. Supercat shot and melted the monsters with his heat vision and continued into the ship. I don’t have time for this. He used his super hearing and x-ray vision to find Kon. There. In his mindscape.

The mindscape was a place Kon went to relax and think. It was more dangerous for him to be in there because what he thought could manifest itself into reality. He can be able to see the outcome of a plan before he implements it and adjust accordingly, he can distract you with random people or things, he can distort and reshape reality to fit what he or you want. He spent an entire week in the mindscape before they attacked the last planet. He underestimated Earth. He didn’t plan like he normally did. He definitely didn’t take into account losing Rodham, Grunge, and Supercat.

More riot monsters appeared which Supercat easily took care of but then from the shadows, a larger riot monster, almost as tall as him. The riot monster was able to get a couple punches in but no more. It was like hitting a giant pencil eraser. A large blast of heat vision took care of this riot monster just as easily as the smaller ones.

“Enough of this, Kon,” Supercat said. “How about I just start tearing the ship apart piece by piece?” Supercat smashed his fist into a wall and began pulling out wires and other things from the hole.

“Stop,” Kon said but he wasn’t there. “I am one of the smartest entities in the known universe. I can bend and shape reality while I’m in here. I can bring everyone back for you. Lois, your parents, whoever you desire.”

“It wouldn’t be the same and you can’t buy me off, Kon. I’m not going to let you continue doing what you do,” Supercat continued, walking slowly to the mindscape.

“Are you sure?” from around the corner of the mindscape, Lois Purry appeared.

“Lois…” he stopped suddenly. She looked exactly as he remembered from twenty years ago. She was a reporter for the Daily Cat which is how they met. She was the only one, besides his parents, who knew both his identities. They were engaged to be married before the crystal.

“It’s been a long time,” Lois said.

“I thought I’d never see you again,” Supercat began. “I tried to stop the crystal. I tried so hard.”

“It’s okay,” she touched his cheek. “The crystal beat everyone. But you’re here now. We’re here now.” Lois leaned up to kiss Supercat.

Their lips were about to touch when Supercat pulled away. “None of this is real. You’re made up. By Kon,” he said.

“Just forget about that right now. This is as real as you want to make it. Clark…” she whispered his name. His real name.

He shook his head. “No, Lois. No. I wish it were real but it isn’t. It can’t be. Sorry, Lois. I love you,” Supercat pushed his fist through her chest and out her back. As she died, she disappeared. Supercat turned and faced Kon in the mindscape.

“No…” Kon panicked. “Wait.”

Supercat used his heat vision to sever the cords connected to Kon’s head. Kon’s eyes went wide and then he slumped in the chair.

“What happened?” Agent Spider asked as he and America finally arrived and saw Kon defeated.

“Being suddenly removed from the mindscape short-circuited his brain. He’s essentially in a coma.”

“So he’s stopped?” Spider confirmed.

“Yep. What about Grunge and Rodham?”

“Stopped and neutralized,” America then handed Supercat the circular head belt. “Here, this is what we used on Grunge and Rodham to shut down brain activity.”

Supercat slipped the belt on Kon’s head. “Will you guys take care of them?”

“I don’t know about ‘care’ but we’ll make sure they don’t hurt anyone else,” America said.

“What about the other two from your team? The other guy and the girl?”

“They’re fine. They’re on the ground. She really took a beating but she’ll be fine,” Agent Spider said.

Superkitten opened her eyes and her vision slowly regained focus. She saw three people hovering over her, staring at her. “She’s awake,” one of the females said.

“Mom?” Superkitten groaned. “Traci? What are you doing here?” Then she remembered. She sat up. “I’m glad to see you.”

“So this is what you are doing? A super soldier for the government?”

“I had to do something. I nearly killed somebody. I would’ve been in trouble, maybe even taken away. And now I get to train and control my powers and help people. Like Dad used to.”

“You shouldn’t have just left--disappeared like you did. But I am so glad that you are safe,” she hugged Superkitten tightly.

“I’ve missed you, too,” Traci said. “Do they not let you out of your cell to visit your best friend?”

“It’s only been a few months. I was going to visit sooner or later,” Superkitten said. “We’ve been busy.”

Superkitten stood up, she was still a little dizzy and her back was radiating with pain. “You be careful out there,” Ms. Kincaid hugged Superkitten again, tighter and longer this time.

“My birthday is coming up. I expect to see you,” Traci said.

Superkitten and Geo-Whiz stepped out into the remains of the neighborhood. They saw Supercat, Agent Spider, and America floating back down to earth with Kon in Supercat’s arms. “We stopped them?” Superkitten sounded skeptical. “I mean, of course we stopped them.”

“Thankfully you were able to knock some sense into Supercat,” America said.

“That reminds me, I need to talk to you about that,” Supercat told Superkitten. “Please, come with me.”

Superkitten felt like a little girl again. She could’ve sworn she heard a classroom say ‘ooh’ as she and Supercat stepped away from the group. “I’m sorry I hit you, I…”

“Don’t apologize,” Supercat interrupted. “You did what you had to do. You didn’t even know if that would work. I’m glad this Earth is as protected as my Earth was. I know it’s all just coincidence but I am so proud my name is continuing. Did you come up with it?”

“Yeah. Super for obvious reasons and kitten because it was a nickname my Dad gave me.”

“Your Dad must be very proud of you.”

“He was shot and killed a few years ago. He was a police officer.”

“Doesn’t mean he’s not proud,” Supercat smiled at her, placing his hand on her shoulder.

“What are you going to do now?”

“I don’t know. I’m a stranger in a strange land. I think I’ll just lay low for a bit. Help protect people secretly. You may see me around.”

“Well, if you ever need help, you know who to come to,” Superkitten waved as Supercat lifted off into the air.

“I’ll see you around, Superkitten.”


Supercat paused. “Clark.”

Superkitten joined Geo-Whiz, Agent Spider, and America again. “He’s not staying with us?” Spider asked.

“No. We’ll probably see him again though. I’m hungry. Can we stop and get something to eat?” Superkitten asked.

“You need to get checked out,” Dmitri said, walking toward the group. “We need to make sure those burns will heal and that your back is okay.”

“I think we can run through a drive-thru somewhere,” Superkitten said. “We did just save the world.”

“I guess we can make a quick stop,” Dmitri said.

“Great. Also, when can I learn to fly the plane? If I were a real teenager I’d know how to drive by now,” Superkitten asked as the team headed back to the plane.

Supercat inspired by characters created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster