Sunday, January 21, 2018

Quigley Account Revisited

We're going to try something new this week. Every Sunday I'm going to post about my favorite thing that I've seen over the last week. This week we got the news that Superman's red trunks that have been missing in action since 2011 are making their triumphant return in Action Comics #1000 which comes out in April. Here's a first look at the return.
Art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. Copyright DC Comics.
A late entry is this picture of President Donald Trump supposedly on the phone trying to end the government shutdown and not posing for stock photo #12576 "angry man in hat on phone at desk".
"Yes? This is President."

Photo by Dan Scavino, Jr.
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Brutus has worried about the Quigley account before. March 6 and 7 of 2012 to be specific. Brutus must not botch the account much because they still have an account with Veeblefester. An account for tea cozies. What?

I'm just going to imagine that their blankets are really some sort of incubation tube, keeping them in constant state of docility and misery--Quigley account or not.