Saturday, December 09, 2017

Supercomics #8

Superkitten thought that the guy in blue would be stronger. She always went full force during training with America but she had to go beyond that with this guy. Something seemed different with him though.

“Why are you in such bright colors?” she asked. “What’s the ‘S’ stand for?” she looked at the red pentagonal shield on his chest.

He actually paused and looked down. “Supercat.”

“Huh. Coincidence. I go by Superkitten,” Superkitten told him. “Why the bright colors? Red, blue, and yellow are not the colors of a villain.”

“I...used to be a hero,” Supercat said.

“Then why are you doing this?” Superkitten gestured at all the destruction in New York City.

“Kon saved me and brought me here. I will serve him until the debt is paid.”

“You don’t have to though,” she continued. “You could probably crumple Kon up like a piece of paper. He doesn’t own you.”

“Enough!” he growled angrily. He suddenly appeared next to Superkitten using his super-speed and grabbed her throat and torso. He lifted her over his head and threw her down to the street. He then flew into her, feet first, send both them through the street and into the tunnels underneath the city.

Superkitten quickly got to her feet. “You…” she began and hit Supercat as hard as she could “are better than this,” she screamed. Supercat flew down the tunnel and landed on the rails of the subway. The third rail sparked and smoked as he touched it but he barely felt it.

He pulled the rail, still sparking, up and swung it at Superkitten who was running toward him. He hit her square in the cheek and sent her down to the ground. “Stay down and we won’t have to continue this.”

“We don’t have to continue it at all,” Superkitten pushed herself back to her feet. “You were a hero. Why can’t you fight Kon? Do you have amnesia or were you brainwashed?” she asked.

“Kon did what he had to do,” Supercat said, ominously. Supercat raised his fist and it came for Superkitten. She was able to dodge and get the upper-hand. She began hitting Supercat hard, fast, and repeatedly. Supercat fell down and she kept hitting. “Suh...Superkitten,” he struggled to say.

She stopped. “What?” she asked cautiously, watching Supercat for any possible malicious movements.

“What have I done?” he sat up.

“It wasn’t you,” she said and helped pull him up. “It was Kon and the other three.”

“Rodham and Grunge,” Supercat grabbed Superkitten and flew her to the surface. A decent percentage of the city had been destroyed either by the ship or by Grunge and Supercat. “They aren’t going to stop until every city in the world is a pile of rubble.”

“Then we need to stop them,” Superkitten said. “You go after Kon. I’m going to help my teammates with Rodham and Grunge.”

The plan had worked for awhile. Grunge had taken a decent beating from gigantic rocks made by Geo-Whiz and launched at him by Agent Spider but he kept coming. They had gotten Smoke back and she was using her smoke and her ability to change the transparency to cloud Rodham’s view as America attacked her but both were adapting so the team needed something new.

The battle had led Grunge to a relatively untouched neighborhood. Superkitten recognized it well. All the buildings were the same dark brick with iron fire escapes. She had walked by these buildings nearly every day of her life. Had bought stuff from the stores--and, on a couple of occasions, stolen from them. Grunge had already taken so much from the people of New York, she was going to make sure he would not take any more.
Superkitten began running toward Grunge and slammed into his back. She continued running and pushing him with her. He lost his balance and fell over, creating a pot hole in the street. Superkitten continued punching him, trying to make him stay down and knock him out. Her vision was blurry as she struck Grunge over and over. He kept trying to get up and was stay conscious. Superkitten hit harder. A sharp, crackling pain shot through her back. Pieces of her uniform fluttered off of her. She stopped hitting Grunge and fell to the street.

In the air, Rodham still had her trident pointed toward Superkitten. Smoke, tired from the constant changing of transparency, looked at Superkitten, barely moving, as Grunge began to get up. America, Agent Spider, and Geo-Whiz rushed over to keep Grunge from hurting Superkitten. Smoke thought back to an impromptu training session with Superkitten.

“So what can you do?” Superkitten asked.

Smoke shrugged.

“You can mist yourself through tight spaces and change transparency. There’s got to be more.”

Smoke shrugged again. “Dad...Dmitri doesn’t include me in many trainings. You’ll probably get in trouble if he finds out you’re doing this.”

“Can you condense yourself into a smaller object?”

“Yeah, probably,” Smoke answered.

“Turn yourself into a ball.”


“Condense yourself into a ball and put yourself over my head. Cut off my air supply. Make me stop breathing.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. I’m going to come for you, make me stop breathing.” Superkitten stepped back a bit and then charged at Smoke. As Superkitten was only inches away, Smoke condensed her body and placed herself over Superkitten’s head. She could not get Smoke off of her and soon she began gasping but unable to draw any air. After a couple minutes, Superkitten fell to her knees. Smoke removed herself from Superkitten’s head. She coughed and gulped down air as she wiped tears away.

“Are you okay? You told me to make you stop breathing. I’m so sorry,” Smoke panicked.

“Don’t be,” Superkitten coughed. “Now we have a secret weapon.”

Smoke went over to Rodham, coming at her from behind. As she got closer, she condensed herself into a ball and quickly placed herself over Rodham’s head.

Rodham tried to get Smoke off of her, swinging her fists and trident. She flew around in circles and criss-crosses but Smoke held on. Rodham ran out of air quicker and soon was out and fell to the ground. Smoke stayed on for another minute or so until finally releasing her.

America, Agent Spider, and Geo-Whiz looked at Smoke. “When’d you learn to do that?” Geo-Whiz asked.

“Superkitten,” she replied.

“I wonder if that would work with Grunge,” Agent Spider said.

“I don’t think he even breathes,” America said. Grunge was still down, kept down by America who kept striking and keeping Grunge off-balance.

“I’m going to get Superkitten out of here,” Geo-Whiz said. “When I get her back to the ship, I’ll come back,” Geo-Whiz picked Superkitten up and began carrying her away from the fray.

“What are we going to do with Gorgeous George?” America asked Agent Spider. “He won’t stay down.”

“I wish one of us could fly,” Agent Spider said. “Just grab him and take him into space.”

“This might be a little easier,” Dmitri appeared from down the street carrying a couple of circular belt-like things. “Spider, slip this on his head. It will hopefully shut down brain activity and put it into a coma.”

“If he even has a brain,” America said.

Agent Spider took one of the belts and slipped it on Grunge. The belt closed around his skull and it looked like Grunge began shutting down bit by bit.

“Put this other one on her,” Dmitri handed America another belt. “And I have another for our friend in the ship.”

“Supercat is heading there now,” Agent Spider said.

“You need to get up there and help him,” Dmitri said.

“Is she okay?” asked a woman on the sidewalk as Geo-Whiz carried Superkitten away from the battle.

“It’ll hurt. Probably some burn marks but she’s breathing,” he answered.

“I’m glad to know that she’ll be okay,” the woman started to tear up and then a tear escaped. “I’m glad to know she’s doing okay.”

Geo-Whiz stopped. “Do you know her?”

“She...She’s my daughter,” the woman sobbed.

Supercat inspired by characters created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.