Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1113: Placing Blame

Yes, immediately after I revamped this thing, I take a two day break. Makes sense, right? I've been trying to get some writing done on my novel and a short story but instead I've been goofing around with Dracula In London, one of my favorite DOS-based games from the '90s. I've also been run ragged with work and when I get home, I just want to veg. I'm hoping I can get stuff written soon and get some additional material posted here. I have several short stories to outline and write but also a novel I'm trying to get rewritten and finished. Because I am trying to focus on my writing, I am ending The Point of Beginning this Sunday but I am ending it on something I've written titled "Supercat" but I'll talk more about that when the story publishes.

The thing is, you can put those frozen TV dinners in the microwave for four hours and the center of everything will still be frozen. The tray it's in will be charred to a crisp but the damn mashed potatoes will be hard as a rock in the center.

"Come on, Mom, it's not like I've had my fist up my butt all day. It's not Sunday."

How dare Brutus be sick for more than one day. How dare he be sick at all!! Why can't Brutus have the immune system of a Veeblefester?

 Do any of you watch the CBS show "2 Broke Girls"? If not, check it some Monday and listen really close to the laugh track. It's the same track every time. Same laughs, same length, same volume. When you realize this, it actually ruins the show because the laugh track is so repetitive.