Sunday, January 18, 2015

1115: I Didn't Realize the Definition Was So Work Specific

It's one thing if Brutus has taken your advice and attempted to make a change but just can't seem to break the habit of doing it wrong. It's another thing if you keep telling him to do it differently but not tell him how you would like the report. Last I knew, humans could not read minds so unless Veeblefester has told Brutus "This is how I want it done", Brutus isn't going to do it that way. Brutus also needs to learn the fine art of corporate delegating. When Veeblefester wants you to do something, get Jimmy the Intern to do it then when Veeblefester hates it, you can throw Jimmy under the bus and not have to pull that tired old "born loser" line out of your butt one more time.