Monday, February 13, 2012

Speaking of Wine, Want Some Cheese?

I don't like the Grammys. And it's not just because it's one of the few "in-the-spotlight" industries where a woman beater and a child rapist can still be considered geniuses. It's mainly because the music I listen to never gets nominated and when, on the rare occasion it is, they never win. That's what I get for enjoying people and bands who only come out with albums every four to seven years.

Another reason is the Grammys is just one huge circle jerk to the industry. You may think that the Academy Awards and the Emmys are huge circle jerks too and they can be but not as much as the music industry is. The music industry is committed to keeping the same people around--people that sell records, albums and get people listening. When you are finished in the music industry, you keep making music because there is still the possibility it'll sell 100,000 copies which still makes roughly $2,000,000 for your label. You can even sing backup on a song on someone else's album which you see a lot lately. When you are washed up in the acting industry, that's pretty much it. Barring any type of comeback, once you start making movies that no one watches, people tend to stop hiring you to be in movies. In the music industry, if a label dumps you, you can move to a different label, or even start your own. If you're a band, you can break up for few years then reunite with a new album or on the Grammys.

I admit that there is some major jerkin' between actors and actresses but the music industry is worse because you have currently relevant bands and musicians doing duets with bands and musicians long since irrelevant and rappers constantly appearing on other rappers albums for really no other reason than getting those fans to buy this other rapper's album. You don't even have to be dead for other musicians to create a massive tribute to you and your music.

I also get tired of the Grammys seemingly being the only awards show that you can't make fun of. People updating statuses or tweeting about all the hate toward these people doing what they love and are making money. Musicians are not above public scrutiny, just like anyone else whose job puts them in the spotlight and on a pedestal. And complaints are usually followed with "What are you doing?" Why do I have to compare my life with Kanye West? He had a harder childhood but I'm pretty sure his life is now better than mine. Yes, I want to get paid for what I want to do but for what I want to do isn't going to make me millions of dollars. If these musicians don't like to or want to be criticized then they need to stay behind the scenes or get out of music. Being in the entertainment industry means having to deal with the morons who may not like you just because you can buy a new car, or seven, every year. Adele, Katy Perry, Lady Antebellum, Jason Aldean and Paul McCartney don't need you to help defend them. They don't care what 99% of people on Twitter say, they only listen to their producers, their label, professional critics and album and concert sales. Nothing more.

Okay. Rant over. I now leave you with what I consider the best part of the Grammys. A commercial for Chipotle featuring Coldplay's "The Scientist" sung by Willie Nelson.

Brutus is at least trying. Maybe Brutus and Gladys should take a wine tasting class at the learning annex. Adults can learn a lot of stuff at the learning annex.