Thursday, February 09, 2012

Marshmallow Happy Stars

If you haven't noticed, you should head over to my other blog The Corner of 16th & Massachusetts and see the changes it has gone through. It's still a blog about history and stories from where I live so it really only appeals to a small handful of people but if you find it interesting, please check it out periodically. You can also check out our Facebook page, which I'm hoping to get it a bit more active over the next month or so. Changes will also be coming to Watch This Space in the next couple of months as well so be paying attention to that. Onto comics.
This was one of the first Calvin and Hobbes comics I remember seeing in the paper. It made me want to be really good at building snowmen which, because of where I lived when I was Calvin's age. I was terrible at building snowmen and have bitterly resented everyone else's snowmen. That has fueled my anger for years.

I would like to thank Brian Crane of Pickles of actually using a brand name cereal in his strip and getting the company who makes it right. I have seen many comics where people say Cap'N Cruch is made by Post, Cheerios is Kellogg and Frosted Mini-Wheats is made by General Mills. I know it's kind of nit-picky but if you are going to use a real cereal then get it right.

If I had money, not a lot of it but enough to live extremely comfortably on, I'd be afraid of losing it too. However, someone who makes $1.5 million a year (or more) really doesn't have to worry about that. Unless Veeblefester is backdoor admitting that he has a multi-million dollar gambling problem and/or drinking problem. I don't see Veeblefester having a drug problem. I don't know why. I just don't.