Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Day At the Tea Cozy Factory

Years ago, in 6th or 7th grade, my Spanish class (I think) went on a field trip to Kansas City. Where we went I can't remember, clearly it did not make an impression on me. But afterward we went to some park with limestone bluffs and, as I recall, an eternal flame memorializing John F. Kennedy. I'd never been back but I thought it was really cool and thought about it often but didn't know where we went to track it down.

Yesterday, I actually did some searching and found out where Kansas City's JFK memorial is which is near Kessler Park, a huge wooded park with winding roads and limestone bluffs. I haven't went back to see if it is the same place because I don't really want to waste a day driving around Kansas City but I am pretty sure it is the same place. Although I do remember the eternal flame being in a different location....

What is Brutus doing? How can he not realize he's dropping all those pieces of paper? I really think, instead of just making fun of him, Veeblefester should be calling an ambulance or something. I hear wandering around whistling while dropping pieces of paper is exactly what Dick Clark does on a daily basis.