Thursday, August 12, 2010

Laugh Comics Digest #32, Part One

I love the Archie digests that you can find at fine checkouts everywhere. I can't remember how I got attached to them but I do know that my first one was Laugh Comics Digest #32 which was published in January of 1981. It features Archie and the gang, Josie, That Wilken Boy, Sabrina and others which will be the focus of next Thursday's edition.

I continued to purchase Laugh Comics Digest into my teens and twenties until Laugh was canceled in April of 2005 after 200 issues. I haven't bought an Archie digest since.

Laugh Comics Digest Magazine #32 (Jan. 1981)

Written by: various
Art by: various

All characters and stories are copyright and owned by Archie Comics, Inc.

Next week is part two where we feature Fauntleroy, Josie and Cosmo the Merry Martian.