Thursday, August 19, 2010

Up a Tree Without a Paddle

Chuck Asay 08-18-10
To quote Sarah Palin: "How's that 'hopey-changey' thing working out for you?"

It's going fine. Why don't you want hope and change, Mrs. Palin? You want everything to remain the same? Housing crisis, credit crisis, banks betting money on people defaulting on loans, unregulated oil, banks and auto industries? No, it's not perfect. You are not exactly helping Mrs. Palin. I remember being told during the Bush administration by people from Fox News and other right leaning organizations that if I didn't stand by the president then I was a traitor and that if I didn't respect the man, then at least respect the office and I did that. For eight years I saw Bush do stupid stuff to this country at its people and said "well, I don't agree with it but he's my President. Hope this works out." And it didn't.

Now, I have been directly told by several people that Obama is not their president. Yes, he is. You can't have it both ways. Who here actually thought Obama would fix our country from eight years of whatever went on between 2001 and 2008 in one year? Two years? Four years? If you raised your hand to any of those, you are an idiot, no offense. I could see four years but that would be pushing it.

I compare this country like an abandoned house. Broken windows, leaking roof, needs new paint, siding, landscaping, possibly new doors, wiring, pipes, etc. Now, you could probably do a lot to the house in a year--oh, but wait. You have a job and family to worry about. Now turn that house into the United States of America and you are now President. You have a crappy economy and an even more divided America to do something about, two wars that are not going well for you--in fact, a country you are paying to help you find who you are looking for is using that money to help train the people you are looking for. Plus you have the little things like North Korea and Iran to deal with. Still think it's easy? Well, then let's also throw in a hundred people who should be working together on making your job easier but are instead slinging insults at each other. Still easy?

If you said "yes" then you are an idiot.

No offense.