Monday, August 30, 2010

*Shakes Fist* Batiuk!!!!

Has anybody been paying attention to Crankshaft the last week or so?  No?  Don't feel bad.  I didn't really pay attention either except when I saw this...

Does that look familiar?

How about this?

90-year-old Crankshaft looks exactly like Beanball Mulligan or whatever his name is.  If it wasn't for the red coat and hat and a different nose I would've said that wasn't a 90-year-old Crankshaft at all.  I was hoping for a decent story about Crankshaft not wanting to grow old alone and hated but come today, we get this:


Edit: Removed dead image links. I was unable to access the comics from the dates the original images were so you will just have to imagine what they looked like. (5/13/11)