Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One-Night Stand #1.7

Chris and Brett carried a couple of boxes downstairs into the remodeled basement. The basement was now split into five rooms. The stairs led down into a foyer area which had two doors: one for the basement and laundry area and other for the new rooms Jonathan had built. The new rooms were a big living space, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

"This is kind of nice," Brett said. "Almost like you have your own apartment."

"Yeah, if the apartment was one floor beneath my parent's apartment and shared a laundry room," Chris replied.

"This is only temporary until you and Heather get the hang of raising a baby and can save up enough money to start looking for your own place," Jonathan said, carrying down an end table.

"Or until Heather and I kill each other, which is much more likely to happen," Chris smiled.

"Where is Heather?" Brett asked. "Being pregnant shouldn't get her out of helping!"

"Being pregnant gets her out of a lot of things," Chris sighed.

"She's at her house finishing up the packing. We'll pick her up on the next go-around," Jonathan said.

"Wish I was with child..." Brett muttered under his breath.

"Moving Day"
Chris went back to get the rest of his clothes and saw Brett sitting on his bed looking through a photo album. "What are you doing?"

"Looking at your photo album of us in elementary school. Man, we were cute," Brett said. "I can't believe you actually have a photo album of us as kids."

"My mom took a lot of pictures," Chris shrugged and grabbed the last bit of clothes hanging in the closet. "I thought you were up here to grab the mattress."

"I was but then I decided it was too hard so I gave up. Just like the spelling bee," he showed Chris a picture of the two of them and another person at the district's annual spelling bee.

"Oh, God. The annual spelling bees. I hated those but we always did pretty good," Chris said.

"J.D. spelled 'video' wrong," Brett chuckled.

"Not J.D.'s proudest moment."

"J.D. honestly had very few proud moments," Brett recalled. "Does anyone know what happened to him?"

"He moved away after seventh grade and I never heard anything more from him."

"We should try to find him," Brett said, closing the album.

"We should. How 'bout we find him after we get my bed into the basement?" Chris said. "I'm gonna put these away and I'll come back and help you."

"What's that?" Brett pointed to a large box wrapped up like a present.

"It's a present. For Heather," Chris said. "And she should be here soon so let's get upstairs."

"What's the present?"

"I'm not saying. It's for Heather. After we get moved in," Chris and Brett went upstairs and waited for Jonathan to get back with Heather and the truck.

"So how are you and Heather doing?" Brett asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Your relationship with Heather. You're not seeing Ms. Aulthaus anymore and you've gone out with Heather three times in the last week."

"We're not in a relationship, we're just doing more stuff as a couple without actually being a couple," Chris explained.

"Oh! That's just confusing," Brett said. "Do you want to be her boyfriend?"

"Does that matter? I've been out of high school six months but for some reason the drama is still here!" Chris complained. "But how are things with you and Wendy?"

"We're doing fine. She wants me to spend New Year's with her and her parents so that may be fun," Brett shrugged.

Jonathan's truck pulled into the driveway and was loaded down with boxes and furniture. "Well, they are back. Does she really need all that stuff?"

"She's a pregnant woman, so yes."

Chris and Brett went outside and the four of them each grabbed a box and went inside to take it downstairs. Heather smiled when she saw the remodeled basement. "This looks really great, Mr. Gaelan," she said.

"Please call me Jonathan," he corrected her. "And thank you."

Chris, Jonathan and Brett continued bringing boxes and her furniture downstairs while Heather went through the boxes and began putting the contents away.

At eleven, Chris and Heather headed to bed. "Before we go to sleep, I want to give you something," Chris took Heather into what would become the baby's room. "Open that present," he pointed.

Chris sat the present up and Heather began tearing off the paper. When enough of the paper had been removed she stopped and teared up. "A crib?"

"Best one I could afford. Checked all the safety ratings and everything," Chris said and Heather hugged him. He hugged her back.

"Thank you," she sniffled. She looked at him and kissed Chris on the lips. "We should go to bed," she whispered in his ear.

In the season finale, Irene finally asks out Chris and Heather goes into labor as Brett discovers something.