Thursday, November 05, 2009

Landsman #2.6

The Story So Far...
Assistant District Attorney Matthew Landsman is given a hopeless case to prosecute Senator Robert Collyer. Collyer reveals to Landsman that the Earth is flat and there is a huge conspiracy to convince the public otherwise. Landsman is urged to contact Thomas Snow but shortly after their meeting, Snow is found murdered. Now fearing for his life, Landsman sends his family away and heads back to his office where he meets Dylan Freeman who attempts to help Landsman by sending him to New York. Meanwhile, Landman's family--Brenda, Elliot and Molly--are intercepted by Devon Jalali, Raymond Grummett and Adolph Huxley, members of the Ptolemy Group who tell her that Landsman is now in with the Empire Coalition, the keepers of the conspiracy and that they want to take over the world.

"Good Versus Evil"
Eight months ago.

Dylan Freeman was in a windowless room sitting across a table from Khalik Mahmoud. Khalik looked like your average Pakistani, however Dylan had been working with them for the last sixteen years and still couldn't tell a Pakistani from an Iranian and from some Israelis.

In the corner was Geoff Ratigan who was only in there to be a witness in case Mahmoud chickened out. At first, the interview--which is what they called this--was pretty informal. They talked about past jobs and families, sports and movies. Then Dylan got down to business and explained what he wanted Mahmoud to do.

"We want you," Dylan began, "to be an intricate part of our society. We are planning a massive attack on the country on American soil."

Khalik was shocked but wanted to hear more. "Like another 9/11?" he asked.

"Not on that grand a scale," Dylan smiled. "That was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Plus, we never planned for the towers to fall--that whole act was just plain luck. No, it'll be smaller than 9/11 but it'll push the current president to do exactly what that old one did and that's what we want," Dylan explained.

"I don't get it," Khalik said.

"All the last administration did was fight terrorism and nothing else. In doing so, everything else was relaxed--things deregulated so there could be more money to fight terror and the wars. President Russ doesn't want to do that. He's gonna pull out of Iraq by April of next year and focus on stabalizing Afghanistan. Meanwhile, he has huge plans for healthcare, reusable energy and education. He's not popular right now because of the idiots who think he should be protecting the country but if his initiatives go through he will become the most popular president ever. If that happens then he will be charged with the task of telling the world," Dylan said.

"Telling the world what?" asked Khalik.

"Telling the world that the Earth is flat."

"But the Earth is round."

"That is what we want you to think. We have to keep this under wraps because it gives us leverage in everything we do. The Empire Coalition is given billions every year to keep the secret. Some, not all of us, have grown very accustomed to our lifestyles," Dylan continued.

"All this is about money?" Khalik asked.

"Everything is about money," Dylan sneered.

"Okay," Khalik began. "Let's say I do agree to do this. What would I have to do?"

"Since our plan has not been developed yet, you will spend the next six to eighteen months doing everything you ever wanted to do. You'll get a weekly paycheck and during that time you can also make final arrangements."

"Final arrangements?"

"Yes, more than likely you will die. Now we'll do our part and make sure you are never connected to the act. We'll phony everything up good."

"But in the meantime...?"

"You live like a king."

Devon, Raymond, Adolph along with Brenda Landsman and her children sat at a table in a kitchen-like bunker. They were eating oatmeal, that being the only food they had.

"I'm sorry we don't have more," Devon apologized. "You'd be amazed at how little of the budget goes into stocking our hideouts."

"It's no big deal. We're all safe and accounted for," Brenda said. "Except..."

"Don't worry. Matthew is safe. We're keeping close tabs on him," Raymond said.

"So the entire world finds out that the world is flat. What happens then? What's in it for you?" Brenda asked.

"The satisfaction that we're doing the right thing. We're just a dedicated group of people who know the truth. We think it's shameful that the government is lying to everybody and we want it stopped," Devon said.

"So what are your plans?" asked Brenda.

"See what Empire is going to do with your husband then use him to plan a counter-attack. Mainly it's the typical watch and wait."

"I wonder what Matt is doing now..." Brenda sighed.

Khalik Mahmoud readjusted the backpack on his shoulder as he took back the credit card with Matthew Landsman's name printed on it. Khalik smiled at the woman and headed toward the gate. He boarded the plane and prepared for take off. Somewhere else, Khalik was being declared dead after an auto accident. Khalik Mahmoud is survived by his wife and three kids.

Good-bye, Times Square.