Sunday, November 01, 2009

One-Night Stand #1.5

Half of the new basement living quarters was almost finished. John wanted the basement finished for Chris and Heather to move in on December 1st.

Chris was currently at work at the coffee shop and John and Brett were working on the basement while the radio played softly in the background.

"You want to get this done by December?" Brett asked. "When is Heather due?"

"February 28th," John replied. "We thought it'd be wise to let Chris and Heather move in together for a couple months before the baby comes."

"I can't imagine what Chris is going through," Brett said. "He had to give up everything in order to take care of this baby."

"At least he's doing the noble thing. There's a small part of me that thinks that if Heather hadn't confronted him when he came home, he'd be oblivious to it. If you don't take the precautions then you have to face the consequences," John said. "There's no way out of it."

"I did look into getting an abortion though," Heather said. The guys turned and saw her standing on the bottom step. "We had choices but I decided to keep it and tell Chris. I gave him a choice to stay or go and, like I figured he would, he chose to stay."

"He's a good guy," Brett said. "He'll be a good dad."

Heather pointed at Brett. "That is actually why I came over. I want to talk to you about Chris."

"The Spanish Teacer"
Chris stood behind the counter reading and acting bored as Irene cleaned the back counter. Chris glanced at a clock and sighed. "Two more hours," he said.

"Lucky. I have four more hours," Irene said. "Could you clean that counter for me."

"Sure," Chris stood up straight, "after this customer."

An attractive older woman approached the counter and smiled at Chris. "Just a large mocha, please," she ordered.

Chris began making the coffee and sat the cup on the counter. He rang up the order but kept looking at the woman. Finally, Chris just talked to her. "Mrs. Aulthaus?"

She smiled again. "It's Ms. Aulthaus now. Do I know you?" she asked.

"Chris Gaelan. You taught me in eighth grade. Computer lab and Spanish."

"Oh, right. Sorry but I've taught so many kids. So you're working here?" she asked.

"I graduated high school back in May and went a semester to the University of Massachusetts in Boston but had to drop out for...various reasons. Are you still teaching?" asked Chris.

"Si," she laughed. "I keep thinking I'll retire early or go do something else but every year I keep coming back."

"Retire? Nonsense. You're, what? 39, 40?" Chris guessed.

"Close. 42," she blushed.

"Just so you know, I had a crush on you back then. I loved the way you rolled your 'R's in Spanish class."

"Really?" she rolled. "Chris, would you like to go out maybe this Friday?" she asked in a quiet voice.

"I think that'd be great Ms. Aulthaus," Chris beamed.

"Please, Rachelle," she corrected. She took her coffee and left the store.

"Oh my God," Irene said. "Did Mrs. Aulthaus just ask you out?"

"You heard correct," Chris said. "I'm just as surprised as you are. I wasn't expecting her to ask me out--maybe a hot and heavy make-out session but a date could lead to sex!"

Irene sighed heavily. "I like you and all Chris but you're kind of a jerk sometimes."

"I know," he responded.

"I figured it would be safe to have sex without any protection but I guess I was wrong," Heather admitted. "Chris asked if there were any condoms."

"So the whole thing really is an actual accident?" Brett remarked.

Heather glared. "Not that we would tell our son that, I guess so. At first, I wasn't planning on it but the more I talked to Chris, the more I wanted closer to him. It may have been an accident but it was a result of our feelings toward each other."

The guys were quiet for awhile. John finally spoke, "How do you like the basement so far?"

Heather smiled. "It's really nice. I can't wait until our son is here but, Mr. Gaelan, I have a question. This is for you, too Brett," she hesitated for a couple seconds before asking. "Do you think Chris will be a good father?"

John and Brett looked at each other. "I've known Chris since Kindergarten," Brett began. "And I've never even seen him look at another kid but he is caring and responsible. Him agreeing to disrupt his entire life when you gave him a choice shows me that he'll be a good father."

"And not to toot my own horn but I'm a decent father, my father was a good father and his father was a good father so it kind of runs in the family," John smiled. "Besides, Me and Kim will be right upstairs to help you two with everything. Your both going to be good parents but you'll have to learn just like every other parent before you."

Heather sighed. "I had a lot of plans after I graduated high school but now I cannot wait until I am a mom."

Chris and Ms. Aulthaus' date and the future of Chris and Heather's relationship.