Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Rock Chalk Jayhawk

In honor of the Kansas Jayhawks amazing NCAA Championship I decided to take a look at today's Girls and Sports which is one of my favorite comic strips. I wonder which NBA coach Marshall is talking about. If anyone has any ideas, please tell me. I guess there is a possibility this is just an exaggerated storyline which is why they mention no names or teams but I think there is some truth to this.

This actually happened to me. I went up to Chip Sansom to use his computer to post on this blog and he yelled at me. And boy did I write some nasty stuff about him. But seriously, why is Brutus getting so angry? Hattie just wants to use the computer real quick to do something. How does Brutus know what she wants to do isn't important? Maybe she has many faithful readers who depend on her posting every single day. If she doesn't, people could die.

I bet Brutus doesn't want that on his conscience.