Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Has Your Paper Dropped Born Loser Yet?

I subscribe to Big Nate through email and I noticed this week's storyline is about Nate's hometown paper dropping his favorite comic strip "Bethany". I am intrigued by this storyline because I anxiously await when my newspaper drops strips. I was ecstatic when the Journal-World dropped Marmaduke and Cathy back in 2004 or so. We, the readers, had won. And the world rejoiced. I'm gonna keep tabs on this storyline which is a breath of fresh air from the recent school time stories that have been going on. Plus I really like Nate's dad.

In today's strip we once again hear about Veeblefester's wife Lividea. Are gas stoves really better than electric? I had a gas stove one time and it was a pain in the ass. Of course I had older one that you had to light with a match and that wasn't fun. That's how my sister died...